Vehicular Crimes Overview

In the state of Arizona, motor vehicle offenses carry serious penalties that can affect your driving privileges, your freedom and your future. A minor speeding ticket or moving violation can raise your insurance rates and accumulate points against your driver’s license. Charges of unlawful flight and vehicular manslaughter are felonies that carry jail time and other significant consequences.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, our experienced criminal defense lawyers will evaluate your case and discuss how our firm can help you fight the charges. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate with prosecutors and get the charges reduced or dismissed. In other cases, you may need a vigorous defense in court proceedings to fully protect your rights.

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Charges Involving Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

Our firm represents clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona who have been charged with any type of vehicular crime, including:

The potential penalties and collateral consequences of vehicular crimes demand knowledgeable legal counsel. Pleading guilty or paying fines could have unintended consequences for your license, your employment, and other facets of your life. Our lawyers have a strong track record on success in dealing with both misdemeanor and felony vehicle crimes.

Cited Or Arrested For A Traffic or Vehicle Offense?

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