Phoenix Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, The Baker Law Firm, LLC represents grandparents who are seeking visitation rights with their grandchildren. We are sensitive to our clients’ wishes and are committed to protecting their interests. Our goal is to help foster a healthy and lasting relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

Please contact us to speak with experienced family law lawyer Michael Baker about your situation. Mr. Baker will take the time to explain your rights and legal options as a grandparent.

Right to Visitation

If the parents are married, the married parents can decide whether their children have an active relationship with the grandparents. Visitation is left up to the parent’s discretion. If parents do not agree to a relationship, there is little that can be done legally to enforce it.

However, in situations where parents are not married, the grandparents’ have a legal right to visit and spend time with their grandchildren. Take out Generally, visitation consists of weekend visits a couple of times a month. We will help assert your rights as a grandparent, and will help ensure you can see and speak with your grandchildren on a regular basis.

The courts are usually favorable to grandparents’ right to visitation. They believe a grandparent can be a positive influence in a child’s life. If you are being denied visitation rights, Mr. Baker will work with you to effectively present your case to a family law judge. He will be a zealous advocate on your behalf, asserting your position as a good person who loves and cares for your grandchild or grandchildren.

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