Phoenix Family Violence and Restraining Order Attorney

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, The Baker Law Firm, LLC assists clients in need of a restraining order due to family violence, and also defends clients who have been unjustly subjected to a restraining order or accused of family violence.

If a family member is violent, or accused of being violent, often times a restraining order is sought. In the family context, this restraining order is called an “Order of Protection” and is a court order for one family member to stay away or avoid contact with another family member.

If You Need a Restraining Order (or Order of Protection)

Family law attorney Michael Baker can assist you in pursuing a restraining order if you have been abused (spousal abuse), your children are being abused (child abuse), or you have a reasonable fear of you or your children being abused. ALWAYS, in an emergency situation, we recommend you first contact the police or local authorities, and then contact us to assist you in procuring a restraining order (order of protection).

If You Need a Defense Attorney to Fight a Restraining Order

In many cases, orders of protection are used in an improper context. Due to the fact that they are fairly easy to obtain, and often go unchallenged due to the emotional circumstances of such matters. Increasingly, parties are using restraining orders in dissolution of marriage and child custody proceedings, and when doing so, parties are being prevented from seeing their children or are prevented from living in their own residence. Obviously, the repercussions can be devastating, preventing you from being around your children or forcing you to wholly modify your daily life routine, as well as labeling you as something you are not.

If you, a friend, or a loved one has been served with a restraining order, seeking immediate legal representation is advised. Your right to challenge an order of protection can expire, leaving you with little or no legal recourse after the expiration. You have the right under law to challenge the validity of the allegations contained the petition for the order of protection. Therefore, if you feel that the service of the order of protection is unjust, not based on the truth, or based upon misleading the court as to the true facts surrounding the relationship between the two parties; do not hesitate to contact us. Your rights can be asserted, but you must take the steps necessary to protect them.

Contact a Skilled Phoenix Family Violence and Restraining Order Attorney

For more information about restraining orders, and your rights under Arizona law, or to discuss your order of protection issue with an experienced family law attorney, please call us at 602-842-0359 or fill out our intake form on our Contact Us page. With The Baker Law Firm, LLC, you come first!