The Baker Law Firm, LLC Establishing Paternity for Mothers and Fathers in Arizona

For mothers and fathers in the state of Arizona, establishing paternity can be valuable, whether you wish to secure visitation rights to your child or you are seeking child support payments. If you are interested in establishing paternity through a court-ordered DNA test, you need an attorney to help you complete the process in a timely and effective manner.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, our family law attorneys will help you prepare the necessary paperwork, initiate the legal process of paternity and represent you in court. Our lawyers can also represent you in child support, child custody and visitation proceedings that may be impacted by the results of paternity actions.

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Common Reasons for Parents to Establish Paternity

There are several important reasons for establishing paternity in Arizona. Paternity:

  • Provides a father with custody and visitation rights to a child that allows him to give input into decisions regarding the child’s well being
  • Entitles a child to the Social Security insurance benefits, inheritance rights and other benefits of his or her father
  • May provide citizenship and/or nationality to a child
  • Medical needs and decisions, including those regarding inherited health problems, donor transplant and others
  • Allows a birth mother to seek child support from the biological father of the child

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