Phoenix Temporary & Emergency Orders

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, The Baker Law Firm, LLC assists clients in obtaining temporary or emergency child custody and support orders while going through divorce or a modification of a prior decree. Family law cases can take months to get through the courts. During this time, a parent might try to deny visitation (parenting time) rights, or refuse to pay child support unless an order is in place. Temporary orders allow for children and parents to have temporary orders in place until the divorce or modification of prior orders is finalized.

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Serving Your Interests

Filing for a temporary order is separate from the divorce proceedings. For a temporary order to go through, a parent or spouse must show proof that the order is necessary. Michael Baker is an experienced family law attorney who has handled dozens upon dozens of temporary order cases. While handling your divorce or post decree modification matter, he will file a separate petition for a court hearing to discuss matters of child custody and visitation, child support, or spousal support (alimony). He carefully constructs an argument that protects your interests as a parent.

Aggressive Legal Advocate

Mr. Baker is committed to helping ensure you have time with your children and the support you need. If you want to file a temporary visitation or support order, he will discuss your situation with you, and will explain the legal process. He will serve as an aggressive legal advocate in all aspects of the case.

Contact an Experienced Family Law Lawyer

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