Phoenix Termination of Parental Rights Attorney

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, our family law attorney, Michael Baker, assists clients with termination of parental rights issues and step-parent adoptions. We provide a high level of personal service, which includes listening carefully to your issues and explaining your options and the legal process to you. Our goal is put your anxiety to rest.

Arizona Termination of Parental Rights Attorney

Termination of parental rights is a very serious matter. We will help walk you through the process if the parent whose rights are being terminated has consented, and will help you put together a case if they have not.

In some cases, the request is being made because the child’s safety is in jeopardy. If this is the case, we suggest you contact the authorities immediately, and then contact attorney Michael Baker and schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your options.

Termination of Parental Rights Law Firm in Arizona

Our firm is also experienced in handling step-parent adoptions. We help many clients throughout the Phoenix area with the termination of parental rights. A step-parent adoption must include notification to the other parent, and that other parent must consent to the adoption unless their parental rights were previously terminated or the court determines they are unfit.

If you are seeking a step-parent adoption of have questions about the process, we would be happy to discuss your matter.

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For more information about parental rights or step-parent adoption under Arizona law, or to discuss your termination of parental rights matter or step parent adoption issue with an experienced family law attorney, please call us at 602-842-0359 or fill out our intake form on our Contact Us page. With The Baker Law Firm, LLC, you come first!