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What is the difference between murder and manslaughter?

If you are allegedly involved in the death of another person in Arizona, you could face serious criminal charges, such as second degree murder or manslaughter. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to understand what constitutes each of these offenses. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, we know that the offense you are charged with in such cases may mean the difference between serving a lengthy prison sentence and spending your life behind bars. In this post then, we will discuss the difference between second degree murder and manslaughter in the state of Arizona.

What is a terroristic act in Arizona?

Terrorism is a term that is unfortunately all too common in our nation’s vernacular. Most people picture the types of attacks that brought down the World Trade Center when thinking about terrorism. However, there are a number of acts, which could be considered as terroristic under Arizona state law. Allegations of such acts and threats may result in serious criminal charges for you, and others throughout the state.

South Phoenix man accused of assaulting constable

Sometimes, situations may become heated, and people may get into physical altercations with others in Phoenix, and elsewhere. When this happens, however, it could result in criminal charges. In some cases, only the aggressor is charged, while in others, all of those who were involved in the altercation are arrested. A serious criminal offense, people could face harsh penalties if convicted of assault in the state of Arizona.

An overview of sexual assault charges in the state of Arizona

Often, having sexual contact is a way for people to express their feelings for their partners. In some cases, however, having sexual contact with a partner could lead to you facing serious criminal charges. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, we are often asked about sexual assault charges. In this post, we will discuss what constitutes sexual assault in the state of Arizona, as well as the consequences you could face if convicted of this offense.

Phoenix man charged with assault after fight at apartment complex

Sometimes, people who are trying to defend themselves or others end up involved in physical altercations. Although they may have been trying to do the right thing, they could still face assault charges. Since such charges are considered a serious criminal offense in the state of Arizona, a conviction could result in severe consequences.

What are Arizona’s robbery laws?

The crime of robbery is described under chapter 19 of Arizona Revised Statutes’ criminal code. Under these laws, there are three categories of this offense: robbery, aggravated robbery and armed robbery. Aggravated robbery and armed robbery are based on the requirements of robbery, but have added elements.  

The difference between assault, aggravated assault and battery

In Arizona, charges relating to battery, assault and aggravated assault are all very similar and are sometimes used together. For this reason, it can be easy to think they are the same but this is not the case. While they are related, each one is unique unto itself and carries with it, its own set of penalties when convictions occur.

Two men found innocent of felony charges

People who face serious criminal charges in Phoenix can often be at a loss for how to appropriately defend themselves. Felonies can carry harsh consequences for convicted defendants. Whether charges are for sexual crimes, weapons crimes, burglary, aggravated assault or something else, it is important for all suspects and defendants to know that the law protects their right to a full defense.

Murder of priest leads to criminal arrest

Criminal charges are always serious but defendants must remember that a charge is not a guarantee of a conviction. A felony assault charge, a murder charge or more can all lead to long-term penalties and the right defense process is important. Every person accused of such a crime is promised a defense under Arizona's laws. Even if jail time is required, sometimes sentences can be minimized with the right help.