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Driving while high could bring seriously high penalties

In Arizona, drunk drivers can face serious penalties if convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Penalties can range from time in jail to fines to loss of driving privileges. Many fail to consider that in the eyes of the law, drugged driving is just as serious as drunk driving, and drivers caught operating a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana could face very steep penalties.

Arizona marijuana laws are very strict

If you're visiting Arizona or live here full time but often visit a neighboring state, you could land in a heap of trouble if you use marijuana, grow it, sell it or buy it and you aren't familiar with current marijuana laws. In fact, this state is known for having some of the most stringent marijuana laws in the nation. Proposition 205 was put to a vote last year, but did not pass, which means any hopes you may have had of legally using marijuana for pleasure were dashed.

Four men charged with conspiring to import pot, other drug crimes

Over the years, law enforcement has taken steps to crack down on the drug trafficking that occurs between Arizona and Mexico. This includes implementing measures to try to seize the drugs. If believed to be involved in drug importation and relating activities, people could face serious charges with significant penalties.

Officers’ mistake leads to wrongful imprisonment

The Arizona justice system is meant to presume innocence until guilt is proven. However, there are some situations in which officers’ assumptions may come into play. In some cases, these presumptions may lead to unsubstantiated arrests. Depending on the situation, this may lead to unwarranted jail time or even wrongful convictions.

Multiple felony charges filed against three people

Criminal activity covers a wide spectrum of things. Charges can be misdemeanors or felonies and penalties may include jail time, fines or more depending upon circumstances. For Phoenix residents who are charged with multiple crimes, the potential for serious penalties may increase, especially if at least one felony is involved. Drug crimes, weapons charges and even some vehicular crimes can fall into this category.

Border agent freed of drug charges

Arizona residents are naturally concerned about criminal activity in their state. There can be many forms of crimes about which people hear. Drug crimes can often receive a lot of press due to the proximity to the Mexican border. Not all allegations, however, are always true and the importance of a solid criminal defense against these charges cannot be underestimated.

College campus ecstasy sales lead to sentencing for five

Arizona residents can find stories about serious crimes in their state on any given day. However, the stereotype that all people accused of such crimes as hardened criminals who lead seedy lives is not necessarily true. It is equally untrue that all people accused of drug crimes or other charges are actually guilty. This is why the law provides the right for a valid defense process.

Man booked on multiple drug charges

In Phoenix and throughout Arizona, law enforcement members can be highly vigilant when it comes to illegal drug activity. While certainly it is important for local police or sheriff offices to keep citizens safe, it is equally important that the rights of those accused of crimes are respected. This can mean many things such as ensuring that vehicles are not improperly searched or that suspects are not unfairly accused of drug crimes or other crimes.

Drugs, weapons and gang activity alleged in recent arrests

Illegal drug activity is understandably of concern to Phoenix area residents. The need to maintain safety for people throughout the area is real but so, too, is the need to provide fair treatment to those persons accused of drug crimes. That includes proper treatment during an arrest as well as through the entire defense process. An arrest does not or should not guarantee a conviction or guilt on the part of any defendant.

Psychiatric evaluation ordered of former deputy

Our nation's legal system understands that some defendants may have issues that affect their actions. Phoenix area residents have no doubt read many a news story detailing accounts of such cases. Psychological experts are leveraged in these circumstances as a way of identifying how best to help people. This can happen in murder cases, drug crimes, robberies and more.