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Can you get arrested during a field sobriety test while sober?

As summer approaches, this is a prime time for drinking and driving, so it’s most likely also a part of local law enforcement’s plans to step up their surveillance. One common tool that Phoenix police officers use to screen for intoxicated drivers is the field sobriety test. Field sobriety tests can be conducted any time of the year during any traffic stop, and officers find them especially convenient during peak drinking times.

NBA player awaiting outcome of super extreme DUI

Arizona lawmakers and law enforcement officials have worked hard over the years to make the state’s drunk driving laws and penalties some of the strongest in the nation. While it is important to maintain safety on the roads, it is equally important that people suspected of drunk driving are treated properly before, during and after any arrests. In some cases, failure on the part of officers to follow outlined procedure can open up opportunities for people who need to fight DUI charges.

Governor�s grant money used in drunk driving crackdown

Over the decades, the laws governing drunk driving in Arizona have changed dramatically. These changes include changing the legal drinking age from 19 to 21 and imposing stricter penalties for people found guilty of DUI offenses. Persons who have been arrested and charged with felony drunk driving or drugged driving can sometimes have a difficult path ahead of them during their defense processes.

Two wrong-way drivers found on same day

Phoenix area residents can be subject to a wide range of consequences if found guilty of any form of drunk or drugged driving charges. The road to conviction can be long and includes an initial DUI stop followed by a field sobriety test implementation, potential blood test and more. People charged with drunk driving understand the many challenges they must face when trying to defend themselves against such a charge.

Driver held on manslaughter and other charges after crash

A driver who is arrested on suspicion of driving with his or her BAC over the legal limit in Arizona can be subject to a wide range of consequences. A felony drunk driving or drugged driving conviction can result in steep financial penalties as well as jail time and even the use of an ignition interlock device. The exact consequences of drunk driving vary from situation to situation and one factor is any prior convictions.

Man killed in accident with alleged drunk driver

Drivers in and around Phoenix know that the state’s laws are strict when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol. A drunk driving conviction can result in steep financial penalties as well as potential jail time, the ordered installation and use of an ignition interlock device and more. If an accident is part of a drunk or drugged driving arrest the consequences can become even more severe.

Officer charged with drunk driving while on duty

Phoenix area residents know that the laws surrounding drunk driving can often lead to very serious consequences when convictions are obtained. Every drunk driving conviction that a particular driver receives is likely to step up the level of penalties. Installation of ignition interlock devices, fines, jail time and more can all be part of a penalty package for drivers found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Marijuana not necessarily governed by drunk driving laws

While recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Arizona, its use has been legally allowed for medical purposes since 2010. Additionally, two other western states have legalized its use for any purpose. Such realities have led to many questions including whether or not the presence of marijuana in a person's system can lead to an arrest for drunk driving or related offenses.

DUI suspect had BAC three times the legal limit

Arizona residents are governed by some very strict laws concerning driving under the influence. When stopped by law enforcement for suspicion of drunk driving, drivers may be asked to submit to a field sobriety test, a breath test or a blood test as means by police to determine whether or not a DUI arrest can be made. Even if a person is arrested, the ability and right to obtain a full DUI defense is provided by law as it must be remembered that every person in our legal system is innocent until proven guilty.

Felony DUI charges filed in deadly highway accident

It can be easy to jump to conclusions and look scornfully on those who choose to drink and drive in Arizona—especially those with multiple offenses. Nonetheless, we live in a society where everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty; no matter how heinous the alleged crime may seem at first glance.

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