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Enforcement Of Out-of-State Protection Orders In Arizona

It is not unusual to want to start over in a new state after a divorce or breakup with the parent of your child or children. It is difficult enough to deal with custody and other familial issues when you move, but it is even more difficult if you also have an order of protection against an abusive ex-partner or spouse. If you are moving or have moved to Arizona and you have an order of protection, contact an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your order is valid.

Child Support Enforcement in Arizona

If your child's other parent is not paying his or her child support, Arizona law offers several enforcement remedies. Even if the other parent is undergoing financial difficulties, that does not mean they can stop paying child support. Under Arizona law, child support supersedes any other type of debt.

Eight Paths Toward Enforcement of Property Division, Assets and Debts

The contents of Arizona State Legislature "Title 25 - Marital and Domestic Relations" include over three hundred chapters, articles and sub-texts. Consuming in itself some 1,700 words, Section 25-318 narrows focus to the following five points: