Alternatives to Trial in Arizona

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, we understand that the aftermath of a domestic incident can be long-lasting and have real repercussions for individuals and families alike.

It is important to realize that there are alternatives to criminal sentences that can minimize the damage and protect your good name. Michael Baker, our lead attorney, is very active in this field, presenting continuing legal education seminars to other lawyers on issues of domestic violence and the collateral consequences of such convictions.

All it takes is one phone call, and he can begin sharing that information with you, helping you explore possible alternatives to trial. Call 602-842-0359 to arrange a consultation.

Diversion and Other Alternatives to Trial

Did you know that domestic violence is not a formal charge?

This is important as you consider what you are facing. Most people who are arrested due to a domestic incident are eventually charged with offenses such as assault, disorderly conduct or similar criminal charge. Our first step is to fight these charges aggressively in order to minimize the potential damage to our clients’ record and reputation.

Whenever possible, we seek to have the charges dismissed outright. This is a distinct possibility in cases where an alleged victim either fails to cooperate with the police or prosecution. A defendant has a right to cross-examine their accuser, and this is not possible when there is a lack of cooperation.

If we are unable to have the charges dismissed, our next step is to pursue diversion. Diversion programs are great options for first-time offenders, who are allowed to attend anger management class in exchange for an unblemished record.

Another potential alternative is taking a plea deal, if available. In such a situation, a defendant could plead guilty to a misdemeanor and pay a fine in order to avoid the possibility of a felony conviction and accompanying jail time.

Let Us Maximize Your Chances of Minimizing Damage

No matter what charges you face, we will tenaciously fight for an outcome that protects your rights, your record and your reputation. Contact us today to discuss your defense options with a proven attorney.