Phoenix Defense Attorneys for Felony Weapons Charges

Weapons charges in Arizona, such as misconduct involving weapons or the illegal possession of a firearm, are taken seriously by prosecutors and law enforcement officials. These crimes are pursued aggressively. Penalties for misdemeanor and felony charges are severe. If you have previous convictions on your record, particularly prior felonies, the potential penalties increase significantly.

If you have been charged with a weapons charge, The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, can provide you with the criminal defense you need. Our lawyers have the experience necessary to build an effective case that will fully protect your rights. Often, weapons charges can accompany other crimes, such as drug crimes, and our firm has the skill and knowledge to handle a wide range of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses.

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Common Types of Weapons Charges in Arizona

Gun control regulations, state and federal laws and other legal requirements pertaining to firearms can often be difficult to understand. Violations of those laws can result in criminal charges. Weapons charges may include:

You need an attorney who understands the laws regarding the possession of firearms in the state of Arizona and how to defend clients against weapons charge convictions.

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