Arizona Assault, Harassment and Stalking Defense

In the city of Phoenix, and elsewhere in the state of Arizona, domestic violence charges are serious and the long-term consequences of a conviction cannot be understated. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need to understand your rights and what options you have in defense. Each case is different and we recommend speaking with us as soon as possible about your case.

Attorney Michael Baker and The Baker Law Firm, LLC have significant experience handling domestic violence and other criminal charges in the state of Arizona, including Phoenix. Whether you have been charged with assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, aggravated assault or another charge related to domestic violence, we will aggressively pursue the best possible result for you and your family.

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Diversion Program for Domestic Violence Charges

In many instances, our office will advocate for the dismissal of domestic violence criminal charges. After that, we will attempt to get our client into a diversion program that allows first-time offenders to have their charges dismissed after completing anger management classes. Our firm may also attempt to plea bargain for unsupervised probation and a criminal record expungement, when applicable.

While we cannot know the specifics of your case right away or promise a certain result, we can talk with you about your options and help you defend your rights at trial and in negotiation with prosecutors.

Contact a Phoenix Lawyer About Your Defense

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