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The Baker Law Firm, LLC; is a criminal lawyer  near Phoenix that defends and protects the rights of individuals throughout Arizona who are facing criminal charges. Experienced defense attorney near Phoenix, Michael Baker provides aggressive criminal defense against state and federal prosecutors.

Michael S. Baker and The Baker Law Firm have been successfully representing criminal defense clients near Phoenix and throughout  Arizona for over 15 years. 

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Mr. Baker can help you understand your rights and protect those rights. He is committed to providing his clients with a strong criminal defense to all types of criminal charges, including those involving:

Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney–  If you or a loved one are facing sex charges, keep in mind that you have rights and the most important right is the right to speak to an attorney before responding to any inquiries presented by the police. If you need a sex crime lawyer near Phoenix, call Mike Baker. 

Phoenix Drug crimes Lawyer — The penalties you face with a drug charge will depend on the amount of drugs involved and your criminal record. If you need a drug crimes lawyer near Phoenix, Mike Baker can help you understand the charges you face and what you can expect in your case.

Phoenix Drunk driving (DUI-DWI) Attorney— A drunk driving conviction can result in the loss of your license, fines and jail time. If you need the best DUI attorney near Phoenix, turn to Mike Baker for skilled defense from your drunk driving charges and traffic offenses.

Phoenix Assault Attorney— A conviction for a violent crime can result in serious penalties. If you need an assault defense lawyer near Phoenix,  Mike Baker defends clients who are facing charges for domestic violence, sexual assault, assault and other violent crimes.

Phoenix Theft crimes attorney — Mr. Baker, is an amazing theft crimes lawyer near Phoenix and handles all types of theft cases. From shoplifting and burglary to fraud and embezzlement, he has the experience and skill to defend you from these types of charges.

Phoenix Juvenile crimes lawyer — A conviction for juvenile crime can have a lasting impact on your child’s future. Mr. Baker can help defend your child against all types of criminal charges, including drug crimes, underage drinking and shoplifting near Phoenix. 

Phoenix Internet online crimes — Law enforcement is using sophisticated technology to build evidence in these cases. If you need a criminal lawyer near Phoenix, Mike Baker provides an equally sophisticated defense strategy to cases involving solicitation of a minor online, identity theft on the Internet, and phishing scams.

Whether you need a criminal lawyer near Phoenix for Prop 207 Marijuana Expungement, Extreme DUI, Sexual Assault or Capital Murder, finding the best Phoenix criminal lawyer to protect your rights can mean the difference between the best possible outcome for your situation or finding yourself fighting legal issues for the rest of your life. 

Now is not the time to just rely on a name on a billboard or bus. You need the best criminal lawyer in Phoenix. You will find this highly experienced and aggressive legal counsel with Michael Baker and his team of Phoenix defense lawyers. 

Consistently rated as one of the best Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorneys as well as a top Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer near Phoenix; Michael Baker has been practicing law and winning difficult cases for his clients since 2002. 

He’s handled thousands of criminal cases in courtrooms all over Arizona and is widely considered to be one of the best criminal lawyers in Phoenix and the Southwest. 

All of the Phoenix criminal lawyers of The Baker Law Firm have outstanding reputations of integrity and respect. The Baker Law Firm will provide the best criminal defense in Arizona and can offer you the very best possible outcome. 

Experience Matters, Work with the Best Criminal Lawyer in Phoenix.

Many Phoenix criminal defense lawyers say they’re “the best.” But very few have the winning record, credentials, ethics, and experience of Michael S. Baker and The Baker Law Firm, LLC. 

Michael Baker has been recognized by many legal organizations, media outlets, and publications as one the best criminal lawyers in Phoenix and the Southwest. 

Choose A Criminal Lawyer Near Phoenix With An Amazing Win Record

  • Client: Robert M.
    • Charge: Unlawful Imprisonment
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
    • Charge: Assault
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
  • Client: Devon H.
    • Charge: Attempted Murder
    • Result: Dismissed via Motion to Dismiss Improper Indictment 
  • Client: Justin T.
    • Charge: Unlawful Discharge of Weapon
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
    • Charge: Aggravated Assault (Dangerous)
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial 
  • Client: Anthony S.
    • Charge: Aggravated Assault
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
    • Charge: Simple Assault
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial 
  • Client: John M.
    • Charge: Possession of Cocaine
    • Result: TASC Diversion Program 
  • Client: Joyce J.
    • Charge: Order of Protection
    • Result: Dismissed At Trial 
  • Client: Brandon E.
    • Charge: Slightest Degree DUI
    • Result: Dismissed Two Counts
    • Charge: .08 Or Above DUI
    • Result: Pled Guilty to Slightest Degree
    • Charge: .15 Or Above DUI
    • Result: DUI 
  • Client: Erin H.
    • Charge: Possession of Marijuana and
    • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Result: Case Dismissed via Motion 
  • Client: Robert S.
    • Charge: Manufacture/Growing
    • Marijuana Possession of Marijuana for Sale
    • Result: Dismissed one Count, Pled Guilty to Class 6 Undesignated Felony/ And Stipulated Probation 
  • Client: Charles C.
    • Charge: Sexual Assault
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
    • Charge: Attempted Sexual Assault
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
    • Charge: Child Molestation
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial
    • Charge: Sexual Abuse
    • Result: Not Guilty At Trial

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FAQ For A Criminal Lawyer Near Phoenix 

  • Why should I hire a criminal defense lawyer when I can use a public defender?: A public defender can do a fine job. But a hired attorney will be very motivated and likely give your case the personal attention it requires. 
  • What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor in Arizona?: Because the crimes are often more severe, convictions for a felony mean more jail time and higher fines. Arizona also uses a numbered class system which dictates penalties accordingly.


In the General Election held on November 3, 2020, citizens of Arizona voted to decriminalize and legalize marijuana for recreation. 

Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of Arizona for persons over the age of 21. 

In response to the new legalization, the Arizona State legislature passed another law that allows people with marijuana-related convictions to expunge their records – A.R.S. § 36-2862

 Arizona Marijuana Expungement FAQ’s 

Arizona marijuana crimes that qualify for expungement.  

Why should I have my Prop 207 marijuana record expunged?  

How much will it cost to have my Arizona marijuana record expunged? 

Visit our Prop 207 Marijuana Expungement blog- 

How To Get Your Prop 207 Arizona Marijuana Record Expunged” 

Start your Prop 207 marijuana expungement online:

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We Use The Very Latest Criminal Defense Technology To Protect Your Rights: 

  • DNA technology
  • Computer Forensics
  • Latent Fingerprint technology
  • Ballistics
  • Drug Recognition technology
  • Serology and Bodily Fluids testing
  • New Blood, Breath and Urine Alcohol testing methods
  • Gas Chromatography

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