Experienced Defense for Criminal Damage Charges

When a person knowingly damages property, that person may be charged with the offense of criminal damage. If the damage is valued at greater than $1,000, it will be considered a class 6 felony. No matter what level of criminal damage charge you are facing, it is in your best interests to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, our attorneys defend people against charges of criminal damage in the state of Arizona. These damaging charges frequently stem from domestic disputes, bar fights and other incidences where the destruction of property occurs. Our firm will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and build the strongest possible defense against the criminal damage charge and any other accompanying charges.

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Domestic Violence and Criminal Property Damage Charges

In many situations, criminal damage charges are brought in relation to domestic disputes and in tandem with charges of domestic violence or assault. Since Arizona is a community property state, and much of the property owned during the marriage belongs to both spouses, a person could face charges of criminal damage from breaking a plate, a cell phone or other property that is technically owned by both spouses.

As long as the amount of the damage is lower than $1,000, the criminal damage charge is a misdemeanor. Other actions that may warrant charges of criminal damage include vandalism, graffiti and damage that is caused while committing other crimes, such as armed robbery, assault or theft.

Seek the Best Possible Result in Your Case

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