Expungements: Setting Aside A Prior Conviction

In Arizona, expungement means setting aside a prior conviction. While it does not completely erase a charge from a person’s criminal history, the charge can be set aside from your record and you can completely restore your civil rights. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona, we can explain the expungement process in detail and give you the freedom to move on from your past.

Mr. Baker has a reputation as an aggressive advocate for his clients. He draws on his experience as a public defender and defense skills to help clients gain back their freedom after a criminal conviction.

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Guidelines For Expungement Of Arizona Convictions And Arrest Records

If you complete your probation, jail, or prison sentence, depending on the severity of the charge, and you have no other convictions for a period of three months to six years after completion, you may qualify to set aside the charge. This option is available for the vast majority of criminal offenses. However, it is not available for the following:

  • Weapons charges (serious injury with a gun)
  • Traffic crimes, including DUI
  • Sex crimes (sexual assault, rape)
  • Murder
  • Dangerous crimes against children

As an experienced defense attorney, Mr. Baker has a thorough understanding of the laws concerning the setting aside of prior convictions. If your conviction can be set aside, he will do everything he can to make it happen for you immediately upon being retained.

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