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Work with The Baker Law Firm, experienced Drug Crime Defense Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona who understand the complexities of drug crimes defense law and who can successfully fight to protect your rights.

It is a chilling experience to be charged with any drug offense. The odds of losing your freedom and harming your future are very high. So you need a criminal defense law firm with the brainpower and the experience to protect you from the harsh extremes of the law.

The Baker Law Firm, LLC defends clients charged with drug crimes throughout the Phoenix metro area and all over Arizona. Michael Baker himself is a former public defender with broad knowledge of state and federal drug and narcotic laws. He knows full well how state and federal mandatory sentencing guidelines can impact your future. Mr. Baker is known for providing uncompromising representation in drug cases.

Experienced In Defending Against Every Kind Of Drug Charge

There is no area of drug defense in which Mr. Baker is not experienced. This includes:

  • Possession. We defend clients charged with possession of cocaine, meth, crack, cocaine, heroin, narcotics and other drugs, including prescription drugs like OxyContin (oxycodone), and drug paraphernalia.
  • Distribution and trafficking. We defend against charges of selling or distributing any of the above drugs, as well as conspiracy to distribute or sell.
  • Prescription fraud. We represent clients accused of illegal schemes and artifices as well as prosecutions under the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and Racketeering statutes. Offenses include fraudulent prescriptions, forged prescriptions, and prescription shopping (attempting to fill legitimate prescriptions filled at multiple pharmacies).
  • Manufacturing. This includes growing and cultivating marijuana and other illegal drug crops, along with operating meth labs or meth houses.

Attorney Michael Baker will defend you assertively, safeguarding your constitutional rights. He is known throughout the court system as a tough criminal defense attorney who holds prosecutors to show conclusive proof.

To learn more about state or federal drug laws, or to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your situation, call us at 602-842-0359 or email our office using this contact form.   Be assured of one thing: our lawyers will fight hard for you.

Arizona Drug Crimes Threshold Amounts

It is essential to understand that Phoenix and the state of Arizona have some of the very strictest drug laws in the United States. This includes mandatory prison sentences for what is called a threshold amount for the sale of dangerous drugs. The threshold amount varies for each drug, but to give you an idea here:

  • For heroin, more than one gram can constitute mandatory prison time
  • For methamphetamine and cocaine, more than nine grimes can constitute mandatory prison time
  • For marijuana, more than two pounds can constitute mandatory prison time

In some cases, even amounts below the threshold can still result in prison time.

However, thanks to laws like Proposition 200, some first time, non-violent drug offenders may be eligible for options other than mandatory prison time. The best way to know what your options are is to consult a dedicated Phoenix drug crimes defense attorney.

Location Of Drug Crimes

Some areas are considered secure and more sensitive where drug crimes in Arizona are concerned. Understandably, where you are arrested with drugs in your possession can make a significant difference in your charges and sentencing.

Drug crimes in Arizona are considered more severe if you are arrested near or in a school zone, daycare center, military base or government building.
Additionally, your purpose for possessing drugs also makes a difference in how your case is treated. This includes whether or not you are eligible for Proposition 200.

Simple possession of small amounts of most drugs may be treated less severely than other criminal drug offenses. More serious crimes include manufacturing drugs, possession with the intent to deliver for sale or use by others, and transporting drugs either in-state or across state lines.

Finally, your sentence can be more severe if you are under the influence of drugs.

Many drug crimes are related to other crimes, including assault or theft. If your drug crime is related to another felony offense, especially a violent crime, then you will face penalties that are more severe than just drug crime penalties alone.

Arizona Drug Crimes On College Campuses

From the moment your child was born, you likely wanted to keep him or her protected forever. Of course, you knew that a day would come when he or she would go off to college to live without you for the first time.

The first semester your child attended the university may have been a whirlwind for him or her while you awaited phone calls that only came occasionally. However, now those phone calls are coming even less often, and when they do come, your child does not sound like him or herself. Even worse, his or her grades are slipping, and you have serious concerns about possible substance abuse.

Could Drugs Be Affecting Your Child?

Though you may worry endlessly about your child, you know not to jump to conclusions; a few missed phone calls do not warrant suspecting drug use. However, if your child came home to visit and you saw a complete personality change and noticed that his or her physical appearance also changed, such as weight loss and other concerns, you may believe your feelings are warranted.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for young adults to come in contact with alcohol and drugs while away at college. Though college and university administration often do their best to limit such activities, it can still happen. In fact, your child could have gotten involved with any of the following common substances abused on Arizona college campuses:

Prescription pills, especially study drugs

Though you may have anticipated some experimentation with alcohol, you may not have considered your child getting hooked on a more serious substance. Regrettably, your college-aged child may have ended up in a difficult situation.

Drug Crimes Charges

In addition to facing mental and physical concerns and putting his or her college career on the line, substance abuse could also lead to criminal charges. You certainly do not want to receive a phone call from your child telling you he or she is in jail, but if you do (or already have), remember that your child has legal rights and can present a criminal defense against any allegations police may bring against him or her.
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This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Arizona residents an overview of what rights they may or may not have with regard to drug crimes.

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