Drug Trafficking and Transportation

We have defended dozens of clients who have been caught in attempts to transport controlled substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs via postal carriers. Our clients are often young adults who have been asked by a friend to mail a package at the post office or take a box to UPS or DHL as a favor. When the packages are seized and the sender arrested, law enforcement can charge them with drug trafficking.

Our Phoenix lawyer, Michael S. Baker of The Baker Law Firm, LLC, has handled hundreds of drug cases. Many of them have involved charges of drug trafficking or possession with intent to distribute cocaine or marijuana. In some cases, prosecutors have used these charges as a leverage to obtain incriminating statements against higher echelons of drug organizations.

We recommend the best legal course of action to clients arrested and/or charged with using the mail or a delivery service to transport drugs.

Our clients have also been charged with importation of drugs using the mail or a package delivery service such as DHL. In these and in all drug transportation cases, we make sure that any evidence used against you was legally obtained. We advise you when and if prosecutors are trying to use the drug trafficking charges against you to induce you to testify against others. We give you an honest assessment of your legal matter, recommending the best legal course of action under the circumstances.

If you have been charged with sending drugs through the mail, importing controlled substances using a carrier service, or transporting drugs using a carrier service, seek the advice and counsel of an experienced drug defense lawyer. Contact Michael S. Baker at The Baker Law Firm, LLC to learn about your rights and your options. Contact us at 602-842-0359 . At our law firm, Clients Come First.