Sentences for State and Federal Drug Crimes

Many first-time drug offenders are eligible for alternative sentencing outcomes that can enable them to obtain the minimum sentence or even avoid jail altogether. These include a TASC diversion program or drug court.

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There is a marked difference between the penalties imposed by state and federal courts for drug offense convictions.

People who are familiar with the criminal justice system in Arizona know that the state and federal court systems are quite different. Although there are no longer mandatory minimums in federal cases, many judges still use these as a benchmark. Persons convicted in federal court often receive the recommended sentence – or worse. In Arizona state courts on the other hand, judges have more options when it comes to sentencing people, particularly for first time offenders and in cases involving nonviolent drug crimes.

We develop arguments for mitigating circumstances to lessen your possible penalty.

Factors such as your willingness to consent to a diversion program or drug treatment, your attitude and other factors could result in a better outcome than you would ordinarily expect.

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