Protect Your Property After an Arizona Drug Charge

If the police claim that someone has profited from criminal activity, such as the sale and/or trafficking of drugs, the State may attempt to seize any money and property that were the alleged proceeds of that activity. In order to seize money or property, the State is required to prove that the asset was used to facilitate criminal activity, or was derived from criminal acts. However, despite such provisions, it is often very difficult to recover property and assets once they have been seized.

By talking with an experienced Phoenix lawyer after a drug crimes arrest, you can learn more about protecting your rights, including those involving the forfeiture of property. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys can handle all aspects of your criminal defense and will help you feel confident that your best interests are being protected. Just because you are arrested for a crime does not mean that you should have to forfeit your property or give up your rights.

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Learn More Information About Asset Forfeiture

Arizona has established specific procedures that the government must follow in order to seize property and assets that were obtained from criminal activity. These assets may include:

  • Illegal drugs and weapons
  • Homes and other property
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Bank account funds
  • Business assets

Law enforcement agents must provide a “Notice of Pending Forfeiture” upon seizing any assets. The state must then initiate forfeiture proceedings within 60 days of the seizure. In some cases, it may be possible to file a claim in order to recover forfeited assets. It can be extremely difficult to fight the State regarding asset forfeiture matters.

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