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Being charged with possession of marijuana is extremely common in the Holbrook/Navajo County area. Police and drug enforcement officials are constantly on the lookout for anyone whom they think might be possessing or transporting the drug, even if they have no direct evidence to believe so.

Did the Police Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

Police often make up frivolous excuses to stop vehicles or individuals whom they suspect are in possession of marijuana. For example, drug task forces on I40 sit and wait to stop vehicles for various reasons, but their sole purpose is to search people and property for drugs.

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Probable Cause: What Is It and Did It Exist?

Law enforcement officers must have probable cause to pull over a vehicle and to search a person’s personal property. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our defense attorneys have more than a decade of experience investigating whether probable cause truly existed, or if it was fabricated by the police to justify their search for illegal drugs. They might say you were speeding, swerving or otherwise driving erratically to justify pulling your vehicle over. Another example of this could be the use of a drug-sniffing dog. Even if the dog does not smell an illegal drug, the police could give cues to the animal to bark. This bark or other non-verbal signals could be used by the police officer to support their search.

Illegal stops and searches are not limited to times when you are behind the wheel of a car; police need probable cause to stop and search you while walking down the street as well. Stopping someone because he or she looks “suspicious” is not sufficient.

In these and similar instances, your constitutional rights were violated and any drugs were illegally obtained. Our job is to get to the truth behind your stop and arrest to secure the best outcome possible.

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