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Converting abandoned or rental homes to marijuana grow houses is increasing throughout Arizona. Based in Phoenix, The Baker Law Firm, LLC defends clients throughout the state who have been charged with operating these cultivation sites. Mr. Baker provides an aggressive defense attempting to have charges dropped or dismissed, minimizing the charges his clients face, and mitigating any consequences on the future of his clients.

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Mr. Baker is a former public defender who understands the legal process in Arizona. He uses his knowledge and experience to provide an uncompromising defense for his clients charged with growing marijuana. He will carefully examine all the evidence against you and challenge the prosecution’s “proof.”

As a highly experienced drug crime defense lawyer, Mr. Baker believes all are “innocent until proven guilty.” He protects his clients’ rights and freedom by questioning the case against them:

  • Did his client actually own the marijuana grow house?
  • Did his client stay or live in the house?
  • Did the police violate his client’s constitutional rights when collecting evidence?
  • Did his client intend to sell the Marijuana, or cultivate it for personal use?
  • Did the police force a false confession?

Growing marijuana is a serious offense in Arizona. If convicted, you face mandatory prison time. However, depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to reduce the charge and eliminate some of the serious penalties and walk away on probation. By contacting The Baker Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible after your arrest, you can increase your chances of a favorable outcome. We offer zealous advocacy and unyielding representation. Take out we fight for your rights.

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