Arizona Methamphetamine Lawyer

Arizona law mandates significant prison time for anyone convicted of possession for sale or production of methamphetamine. Such a conviction is a class 2 felony, with a sentence from three to twelve years, even for first time offenders. Criminal justice officials are under pressure to convict offenders because meth is seen as an epidemic in the state.

Our lawyer works to protect your rights in a meth case

In this environment, police can be careless and prosecutors can cut corners. It is important to have an attorney to verify that law enforcement personnel and the court system have handled the case legally. At our Phoenix law firm, our lawyers handle all types of meth cases are handled. Contact him at 602-842-0359 to learn about your rights and options. He will talk with you about the criminal process, making sure you have the information you need to make decisions during the progress of the case.

Our law firm handles methamphetamine drug cases such as:

  • Possession of meth for personal use
  • Possession of meth for sale or distribution
  • Trafficking and transportation of meth
  • Manufacture of methamphetamine, including operating a meth lab

When law enforcement officials bring methamphetamine charges illegally, we can assist in having those charges dismissed.

Having large amounts of the chemicals used in making meth, including over-the-counter cold medication, can result in a methamphetamine production charge. In addition, methamphetamine drug possession charges are often joined with other criminal offenses, such as identity theft, environmental charges, and child abuse. In all cases, our lawyers do the research to be sure that you were legally arrested and that any evidence used was properly obtained. When they determine that law enforcement acted improperly, they file motions to suppress the evidence and challenge the validity of the arrest. They mount a solid defense based on sound legal footing for clients facing methamphetamine charges.

If you are charged with selling drugs such as methamphetamine, contact our Phoenix law firm. Our attorneys will advise you about your rights and your options, and work with you to reach a decision about your response to the charges. At our law firm, Clients Come First.