Possession with Intent to Sell

The Baker Law Firm, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona, our lawyers have handled thousands of drug cases. Some of the more complex cases have been those charging our client with drug possession with intent to sell. We have defended many clients who have been pursued aggressively by law enforcement; the prosecution most often relies on the belief that these defendants will testify against their suppliers and larger dealers.

Prosecutors often use charges of drug possession with intent to sell as leverage against other defendants.

If you have been charged with drug possession with intent to sell, contact a lawyer with the experience and knowledge you need to protect your rights. Call Attorney Michael S. Baker at 602-842-0359.

Possession with intent to sell is often preceded by extensive investigation. Police and DEA officials look for evidence such as:

  • Multiple baggies with small amounts of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine
  • Ledgers and bank accounts
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones with messages and or intercepted (wire) communications
  • Paraphernalia such as scales, cocaine cutting agents such as powder, cooking facilities for crack, and any other tools used in handling large amount of a drug

Protecting your rights and ensuring a legal process with only properly obtained evidence

Our lawyers vigorously defend clients against charges of drug possession with intent to sell. They make sure that any evidence used against our clients was obtained legally. They investigate the situation thoroughly so they can advise them about their best legal course of action. When prosecutors are pressuring our clients to testify against larger dealers in return for reduced charges, Michael S. Baker analyzes the holistic ramifications of that specific legal situation and recommends the best course of action for our clients.

If you have been charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, contact an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. Call Michael S. Baker at 602-842-0359 . At our law firm, Clients Come First.