The U.S. Constitution Protects You From Unreasonable Search And Seizure

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, we use our knowledge of constitutional law to protect the rights of clients facing drug charges. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizure, which may include:

  • Traffic stops
  • Vehicle search
  • Home search
  • Search of your person and personal belongings

Illegal search and seizure protection is important in drug cases because the physical evidence of illegal drugs or paraphernalia is often what the entire case against you hinges on. Police officers often violate the Fourth Amendment when they search for evidence in relation to suspected drug crimes, thinking that suspects will not realize how to properly defend themselves. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are right.

You need a respected and accomplished criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges you face and minimize the consequences of any possible conviction.

Making Sure Traffic Stops Are Legal

In traffic stop situations, there is often serious question as to whether police officers had reasonable suspicion to make the stop initially and further probable cause to execute a vehicle search. Seized property obtained through an illegal search is inadmissible as evidence in your case, but you need a strong attorney to convince the judge that the evidence was obtained illegally.

We independently investigate traffic stop probable cause and frequently find effective ways to diminish the prosecution’s case, sometimes by reasons obvious to a trained legal professional and sometimes by very technical points of law.

Our Phoenix-based law firm can defend your rights and freedom if you have been charged with any type of drug offense. Call us today at 602-842-0359 to help you fight the charges.

Constitutional Knowledge Is Crucial When Fighting Drug Charges

Did the police have a warrant? We handle cases involving improperly drafted warrants and situations in which police officers exceed the limits of warrants, as authorized by judicial officers. In such cases, if your property is seized, it may be inadmissible as evidence.

Illegally acquired evidence should not be used against you, but without experienced legal defense, it will be, and your future will likely include significant fines and serious jail time.

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