Drug Charge Diversion Programs

At our Phoenix law firm, our attorneys help clients gain admission to first time offender programs such as those operated by TASC (Treatment Assessment Screening Centers). The TASC programs are rigorous, requiring treatment assessment, ongoing education, counseling, and drug testing. For example, a person charged with a marijuana offense will be required to have three months of drug-free urine screening for TASC to recommend that charges be dismissed.

Treatment Assessment Screening Centers Programs

Admission to the TASC programs is not automatic. Applicants are screened. They must have no prior felony drug related convictions, and no convictions for any level of violent offense. If the defendant completes the program successfully, TASC will recommend that the drug charges be dismissed. To learn whether you might be eligible for this program, contact us at The Baker Law Firm, LLC. Call 602-842-0359 .

If the defendant fails to finish the program as intended, TASC will recommend that the court reinstate the prosecution. On occasion, the court will recommend that the defendant be given a second chance to complete the program. However, this is not a certainty; the defendant may face conviction and jail time. Our lawyer always urges clients to both seek admission to the TASC program and complete it as required. He believes that this is an opportunity for people to clear their records and obtain a fresh start.

Committed to helping clients facing drug charges move forward with their lives through TASC and other drug charge diversion programs.

There are other programs for first-time and second-time offenders that are beneficial to clients and can help them put their lives back together after a drug charge. These are:

  • Early Disposition Court, in which first-time defendants are quickly screened and sent into diversion programs, usually within 10 days
  • Drug Court, which offers treatment and supervision in lieu of jail time
  • Proposition 200, which distinguishes between drug offenses involving amounts of a controlled substance for personal use and selling or dealing drugs

If you are facing a drug charge and have questions about your eligibility for the Treatment Assessment Screening Centers programs or any other diversion opportunities, contact The Baker Law Firm, LLC. Take the opportunity to participate in a diversion program and reduce or eliminate any criminal drug charges you are facing. At our law firm, Clients Come First.