Wellton Border Stop Drug Defense Lawyers

On I-8 in Arizona, in Yuma County, there is a border stop at Wellton where cars are almost always stopped and searches for drugs. People coming from out-of-state who travel through this border stop with marijuana, including medicinal marijuana from California, Oregon or Washington, may be cited for a misdemeanor offense in Arizona and could then suddenly face significant criminal penalties.

The attorneys at The Baker Law Firm, LLC provide experienced representation for people who have been arrested at the Yuma County border stop, as well as other areas in Arizona, for the possession of marijuana and other illegal drugs. We can streamline the process and may be able to get the offense removed from your record. In most cases, we can do it all by telephone.

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Yuma County Marijuana Charge Attorneys

At the Yuma County border patrol stop, every car is stopped and its occupants will be asked if they are U.S. citizens. A drug dog will walk around a car, and if the dog gives an alert, the vehicle will be brought to a secondary stop where occupants are removed and the car is searched.

If the border patrol guards find marijuana or drug paraphernalia, the driver will generally be cited for a misdemeanor. If a higher class of drugs is found, such as cocaine or methamphetamines, an arrest may be made and more serious charges will be given.

While this process can be frightening, especially for someone who has never been in trouble with the law before, our firm can provide a course of action to protect your rights and best interests.

Strong Criminal Defense Against Wellton Drug Charges

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