Unlawful Surreptitious Videotaping Defense in Phoenix, Arizona

One sex crime that has received more attention in recent years, as technologies for recording and transmitting video improve, is surreptitious or hidden videotaping. A person will hide a video camera and record video of another person, often while engaged in sexual situations, with the intent of watching, selling or distributing the video in some fashion. Hidden videotaping is a serious crime, however, with severe consequences for those who are convicted.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys provide experienced criminal defense for individuals who have been accused of a wide range of sex crimes, including charges of unlawful videotaping. We know how any allegation of a sexual offense can devastate the lives of our clients. Our lawyers provide skilled and aggressive defense that is concerned with protecting the rights and freedom of our clients.

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Charges of Unlawful Videotaping

In many cases where charges of unlawful videotaping are brought against a suspect, the participants have actually consented to the taping and are falsely alleging that the taping was hidden or without their permission. No one should have to face serious criminal penalties when they have not committed a crime. Our firm works hard to seek a dismissal of these types of false charges.

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