Experienced Arizona Defense for Sexual Offenses

Due to the harsh stigma surrounding even the mere allegation of a sex crime, many people assume that a person accused of a sex offense is guilty. If you are facing sex crime allegations or charges, it is important to hire an experienced criminal sex crime attorney in Arizona who will provide the vigorous defense you need to fight the tough charges.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, our sexual abuse defense lawyers fight to protect the rights of people who have been accused of rape/sexual assault, child sex crimes, and other sex offenses throughout Arizona.

It is hard to put into words the anxiety and fear that come with being accused of a sex crime, especially when you know that the allegations are false. A conviction for a sex crime will impact the rest of your life. It is vital to give yourself the best chance for an effective outcome.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Arizona, contact a criminal defense attorney at our law firm as soon as possible. Call The Baker Law Firm, LLC at 602-842-0359 and talk with a lawyer about your case.

We provide relentless criminal defense representation to clients facing charges involving all types of criminal sex offenses, including:

Aggressive Advocacy for Those Falsely Accused of a Sex Offense

Many sex crime allegations are simply untrue. Perhaps a spouse who wishes to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings makes up a story or adults believe a story that a child makes up or embellishes. Given the high stakes of a criminal conviction for a sex crime, including having to register as a sex offender upon release from prison, having an experienced, reputable lawyer is paramount in your case. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, we believe that no one should be punished for a crime that he or she did not commit.

Protecting Your Rights After Sex Crime Allegations

Prompt investigation and thorough analysis of all possible defense strategies are vital to the successful outcome in a sex crimes case. We work with forensic analysts and other experts who can testify in support of our client’s position or to combat the strategy presented by the prosecution. In cases involving date rape or other sexual assault, we investigate such issues as the accuser’s history of false accusations. Among many other factors analyzed, in cases involving Internet sex crimes such as Internet solicitation of a minor or possession of child pornography, we investigate tactics others may have used to gain access to your computer. We are determined to fight sex crime charges and effectively represent our clients’ interests in every case we handle.

Facing Sexual Abuse Charges? Contact a Phoenix, Arizona, Defense Attorney

For more information about sex crimes defense in Arizona, contact The Baker Law Firm, LLC and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. Do not delay talking with an experienced Phoenix sex crimes defense attorney about your situation. Call our office at 602-842-0359.