Phoenix, Arizona, Armed Robbery Criminal Defense Attorneys

Robbery and armed robbery charges when someone uses or threatens to use a weapon in order to take goods or services from another person. You do not have to actually have a weapon to be charged with armed robbery. If you mention that you have a weapon, whether you actually have one or not, armed robbery charges can be brought against you in the state of Arizona.

Robbery charges can be complex and often come down to the identification of the suspect. Statements from witnesses and victims are often the strongest evidence for the prosecution. However, eyewitnesses are frequently incorrect. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers defend individuals against charges of armed robbery for people throughout Arizona.

If you have been charged with armed robbery in Phoenix or elsewhere in the state of Arizona, contact The Baker Law Firm, LLC to learn more about your options in criminal defense.

Defense for Robbery and Other Felony Theft Crimes

Regardless of how much money was taken in an armed robbery, a person charged with the crime may be facing a lengthy prison sentence, in addition to other serious criminal penalties. As a defense lawyer, we know that the evidence of the alleged crime is often spotty at best and that the identification of the suspect is typically a problem.

Surveillance videos may have grainy pictures that make it hard to identify someone. Witness and victim accounts can be vague or simply incorrect.

It is important for your lawyer to understand all aspects of state and federal law and the rules regarding the inclusion of evidence in criminal trials. As the law continues to change, it is also important that your lawyer remains up-to-date and can use that legal knowledge to your advantage.

Feel Confident in Your Choice of Attorney

Any serious criminal charge has the potential to negatively affect your life. With an experienced lawyer on your side, however, you can feel confident that every action is being taken to defend you against allegations of armed robbery. Contact The Baker Law Firm, LLC to schedule an initial consultation. Call our Phoenix office at 602-842-0359 .